Pac-5 Sports Teams

If you are interested in participating in any Pac5 Sport, please contact Athletics.

What is Pac-5 Athletics?

Pac-5 (based in Honolulu, Hawaii) combines athletes from 18 schools to make a competitive sports team. This arrangement allows Hanalani students to participate in sports that Hanalani does not offer. If both Hanalani and Pac-5 field a team in the same sport and level, the student-athlete must participate on the Hanalani sports team.

Please visit for more information.

  • Cheerleading (Intermediate, JV, & Varsity)
  • Boys’ Football (Intermediate & Varsity)
  • Kayaking (JV & Varsity)
  • Boys’ Water Polo
  • Boys’ Soccer (Intermediate, JV, & Varsity)
  • Girls’ Soccer (Intermediate, JV, & Varsity)
  • Boys’ Wrestling (all)
  • Girls’ Wrestling (Intermediate & Varsity)
  • Canoe Paddling
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Swimming
  • Coed Baseball (Intermediate & Varsity)
  • Girls’ Softball (Intermediate & Varsity)
  • Boys’ Judo (all)
  • Girls’ Judo (all)

Pac-5 Clearance

Pac-5 Clearance must be submitted by our Athletic Director before participation in any Pac-5 Athletics event, including tryouts, practices, games, and/or scrimmages. Athletes who wish to participate must contact the Athletic Dicretor with their intent to participate.

Practices & Transportation

Most Pac-5 teams practice in Honolulu. One-way transportation to weekday locations is available for a flat-rate season fee of $100. Athletes must arrange their own transportation home from practices as well as to and from practices and games that fall on a weekend or other non-school days (including during breaks and on holidays).