Health & Safety Information

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Weight Room Waiver

Hanalani students grade 7-12 may use the Kokubun Fitness Room upon submission of a Weight Room Waiver form. Students must have a Hanalani Faculty Member in the weight room with them while they workout. Students on academic probation will not be allowed to use the weight room. Students should behave properly while using the weight room. Violation of these guidelines may result in loss of weight room privileges. Other details about the program can be found on the Waiver Form.

Click here for Weight Room Waiver Form

Medical Action

Student-athletes who have been diagnosed with medical conditions that may affect or may be exacerbated by physical activity should have a medical action plan on file in the Athletic Office. These plans are especially useful if athletes must self-administer prescription medication (such as a rescue inhaler or an epinepherine autoinjector) regularly or in case of emergency. Please note that antibiotics, analgesics, and other over-the-counter medications will not be administered by any members of the Athletic Department staff. It is highly recommended that parents and athletes consult their pediatrician or medical specialist when creating a medical action plan.

  • Anaphylaxis Action Plan (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology)
  • Asthma Action Plan (American Lung Association)
  • Diabetes Medical Management Plan (American Diabetes Association)
  • Epilepsy Action Plan (Epilepsy Foundation)
  • Food Allergy Action Plan (Food Allergy Research & Education)