Eligibility Information

If you need information that is not here, please contact Athletics.

Student-Athlete Eligibility

Students in grades 7 thorugh 12 who are enrolled as a full-time student at Hanalani Schools are eligible to participate in the athletic program provided they also meet and maintain the following eligibility requirements:

Athletics Physical Exam (ENR-09B Form must be completed)

The Athletic Physical is different than the form that is filled out for Upper School (Student Data Card). If you intend to participate in sports, you will need to download a copy of our Athletic Physical and have your physician complete it.

Athletic Physicals are good for 1 year and an athletic physical needs to be completed every year you would like to participate in sports.

Click here for ENR-09B Form

Student-Athlete Handbook

This handbook contains participation and procedural information regarding the Hanalani Athletic Program as well as the expectations of the student-athlete and their parents.

Click here for Student-Athlete Handbook

Impact Baseline Assessment

All student-athletes must complete the Immediate Post-Concuussion Assessment and Coginitive Testing(ImPACT) baseline assessment before participation on Hanalani or Pac-5 sports teams. Tests are good for 2 years. Group testing will take place at the beginning of each school year. Student-Athletes may also contact our Athletic Director to schedule an assessment in the Atlhetic Office. 

Concussion Management Program

In accordance with the Hawaii Concussion Law (Act 262), parents and student athletes are required to receive annual concussion education and awareness training. Both parents and student athletes must complete concussion education program (BrainSpace) provided by the Hawaii Concussion Awareness Management Program (HCAMP).

Click here for Concussion Education for Parents

Click here for Concussion Education for Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Click here for Concussion Education of High School (Grades 9-12)

In accordance with Hawaii law (HB 2273 SD1 and Act 197), the Athletic Department has developed a CDC-compliant plan that allows student-athletes to gradually return to athletic participation after sustaining a concussion.

Pac-5 Clearance

If you would like to participate in a Pac-5 Sport, you must be cleared by our Athletic director before participation in any Pac-5 Athletics event, including tryouts, practices, or games. Please contact our Athletic Director to request Pac-5 Clearance.

Coaching Eligibility

Please contact us if you are interested in coaching a Hanalani Sport. These are some of the requirements you would have to fulfill as a Hanalani Coach.

Coaches Handbook

Please read through our Coaches Handbook. It contains procedural information regarding the Hanalani Athletic Program, expectations for coaches, and the culture we are implementing into our sports programs.

Click here for Coaches Handbook

NFHS Certifications

All Hanalani sports coaches are required to receive the following certifications:

  • NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching
  • NFHS Concussion in Sports
  • NFHS Heat Illness Prevention
  • NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The Fundamentals of Coaching course must be completed within two (2) years of beginning to coach in Hawaii. The Concussion in Sports and Heat Illness Prevention courses must be taken online once and must be renewed annually.

First-Aid/CPR/AED Certification

All Hanalani sports coaches are required to receive the following certifications:

  • First Aid
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

The First Aid and CPR/AED certifications must be renewed every two (2) years.