Meet Our Athletic Department

Our Mission

The mission of Hanalani Athletics is to fulfill the mission of Hanalani Schools, which is to love God, love others, and challenge yourself. The athletic department aims to accomplish this statement by using sport to help athletes grow in athletic potential, while having coaches that foster an environment that will let athletes thrive. We believe that growth does not pertain to just athletics – growth in athletics should help growth in all areas of life – physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational.

Participation in Hanalani’s athletic program is a privilege, not a right.  Student-athletes must fulfill Hanalani Schools’ academic and behavioral expectations.  All participants are considered students first and athletes second.

Core Values


All Hanalani coaches, athletes, parents, and fans are expected to honor everyone involved. No matter the outcome of the event, we will look each person in the eye and communicate how much we appreciate them – 1 Peter 2:17

Team first

Everyone has a job to do, from the coach, player, manager. We understand that coaches are here to coach & athletes are here to play. We understand that some athletes are more talented than others, and not everyone will receive the same amount of playing time. But if your role helps the team win, then we will take our role with pride. We also know that our role can change – 1 Corinthians 12:12-27


If you have to tell someone how great you are, then you aren’t really great. We aim to let our play on the court do the talking, and walk in humility to gain the respoect of our opponents – Proverbs 27:2


Every coach has a different training philosophy. Every athlete is wired a little differently. We trust the coaches to put us in position to help the team, and reach our potential. We trust the athletes to communicate with the coaches and build the relationship of trust, so the coaching staff knows how to best lead us. – 1 Samuel 14:7

Pursue Perfection

“Be perfect, as your father in heavan is perfect” – Matthew 5:8 We understand that perfection is to be complete and lacking nothing. Every opportunity and outcome is a situation where we can become better. Better athletes, better sons, and daughters, better friends, better followers of Christ.

Our Leagues

Our Staff

Jeremy Honold

Athletic Director [email protected]

Blythe Ballesteros

Athletic Associate [email protected]

Maxwell Spencer

Gym Manager [email protected]

Sadie Sewell

Athletic Trainer [email protected]